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< Preliminary Competition Participation Instructions >

Thank you for your participation at the 【ONE DANCE NATION Competition 2024】 Our event will be held as below:

Preliminary Competition:

Date:June 10th, 2024 (MON,Public holiday)
Time: According to the "Registration Time" of the preliminary competition schedule

Venue: Hang Out Studio@San Po Kong

Address : Workshop B, 5/F Tontex Industrial Building, 

2-4 Sheung Hei Street, San Po Kong, Hong Kong


Please read and review 【 Participation Instructions】carefully. Remember to bring Identity documents for check in.

1. Please bring along your (ID card / Birth Cert / Passport) (a copy is acceptable) and have your entry no. ready for registration.

2. All contestants' WhatsApp confirmation message are required.

01 Competition day check in

 (Please abide by the rules of the conference to create a fair and harmonious descending order and atmosphere)

  •  Each team must check in and confirm the attendance list.


  • Please arrive at the designated competition venue to check in with "Registration Time" on the schedule.


  • Please do not arrive too early, as there is limited space in the waiting area of the preliminary competition venue.


  • Latecomers may be disqualified and will not be rematched.


02 Seating and Admission Arrangement

 (Please abide by the rules of the conference to create a fair and harmonious descending order and atmosphere)

  • No spectators will be allowed in the preliminary competition.  Only one team will be on stage. All helpers must wait outside.​


  • Children under the age of 3 years are not allowed to enter the competition venue.

  • Eating is not allowed in the venue.


03 During the competition

(Principles of Fairness, Statement of Personal Responsibility and Disqualification)


  • The preliminary competition is about 30 minutes (including registration, waiting, and competition time).


  • Preliminary competition to be held in private

        Only one helper (including a dance teacher or parent) is allowed for the Kid's Team and can enter the venue. Helpers cannot take photos during the competition except for contestants, who must wait outside. Otherwise, the results will be affected or disqualified.

  • If all teams are late or absent on the day of competition, they will be deemed to have given up, and they will not be rematched, and the fee will not be refunded.

  • If the competition is affected due to negligence, the contestant must have self-responsibility. The details for submitting music (MP3 or WAV format) are as follows:
    - The preliminary competition ends at 23:59 on 2/6/24. Subsequent submissions will be deemed late, and an administrative fee of HK$100 per music change will be charged.
    All music must be in MP3  or WAV format and uploaded to
    - Music cannot be changed three days before the competition.

  • The contestants must bear any personal reasons that affect the competition, such as lack of registration documents, music files, late arrivals, etc.


  • There is no storage for personal belongings inside the changing room. Please remove all belongings or props after your performance. The committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage. With the limited space, we recommend that all contestants wear their costumes and makeup before the competition starts.


  • Anyone who participates on behalf of another or pretends to be an identity will be disqualified and will be notified to all contestants' units once discovered.


  • Do not interfere with the judges during the competition. Violators will be disqualified and removed from the venue.


  • Video will be recorded during the competition for review.

  • If any team fails to meet the minimum number of each group due to its performance that does not meet the requirements in the final; or if there are insufficient teams in that category for any reason, the teams who meet the standards will be raised up to the next category.


04 Result announcement and award arrangement

  • Instant scores for each competition section.


  • The judges of the preliminary competition will not give comments to the contestants.

  • The preliminary results will be reviewed over time. The list of finalists will be announced online by the end of June.


05 Absolute respect for The Judges ruling and No grade appeal mechanism

  • No result appeal mechanism, and the finalists' list will be published online.


  • The Judges are fair, impartial and unbiased. The contestant must respect the result without any judgment. 


  • If you have any comments, please email to
    Please provide complete information such as team name. The organizer will conduct further review and reply within 30-45 days, otherwise it will be rejected.



This instruction is written in both English and Chinese. If there is any conflict in meaning, the English version shall prevail.
A Craze Group Ltd. reserves the right of final decision on all arrangements.


Please stay tuned with our website / email for further updates.


Wishing you all great success in the competition! Good Luck!



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